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Vision Statement

WoMan to Woman centers on relationships between women, whether it is mother to daughter, sister to sister, or friend to friend.  Emphasis is also placed on wholesome interaction with the significant male counterparts in our lives.   It is strategically designed to touch, empower, include, involve, and encircle every woman of The Potter’s House.

Since WoMan to Woman’s inception, First Lady Serita Jakes’ vision for the program has been for the women of The Potter’s House to become one.  It is her heart’s desire for the women to come together as a God-breathed organism of sisters, daughters, mothers, friends, and life-time legacy mentors who together will set an atmosphere of relational well-being.   It is a vision of unity where the prevailing countenance of feminine grace exudes a gentleness that is heralded as strength; where peace insists on reigning; a kind word is freely passed around; and love is expected to stretch to great lengths.  With a doctrinally sound and programmatic approach to ministry, WoMan to Woman seeks to not only meet every woman at the point of her need, but to strengthen her so that she may reach the point of her abundance.

Every woman who is a member of The Potter’s House is automatically a member of WoMan to Woman.  She participates in WoMan to Woman by giving back to the church either financially or by volunteering her services in other ministries such as Ushers, Greeters, the Children’s Ministry, or another labor of love within The Potter’s House.

WoMan to Woman offers quarterly forums where First Lady Jakes hosts prayer gatherings or where she, or other esteemed speakers, address topics such as relationships and health.  Additionally, under the WoMan to Woman umbrella, there are two different ministries established to serve the women and young ladies of The Potter’s House.  They are The Debutante Program (Alumnae; Core and Junior Debutantes), and God’s Leading Ladies Life Enrichment Program; Starting Over.   The following pages give you a brief description of each of these ministries as well as the crowning delight of a Dream Team that serves as an anointed extension of First Lady Serita Jakes’ leadership. Behold, how good and how pleasant it is for brethren to dwell together in unity! (Psalms133:1)


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Debutante Program

The Debutante Program was born out of the vision of Mrs. Serita Jakes that we continue our legacy by pouring into the next generation of leaders. Her desire is that our daughters be ushered into their promise by the wisdom, mentoring and life coaching we afford them in love. The Debutante Program is designed for girls ages 10-17 years of age (or high school senior.)

The main pillars at the center of the program’s framework are:

  •   A strong spirit of awareness
  •   A spirit of excellence
  •   Chaste Behavior
  •   A sweet aroma of feminine behaviorThe Debutantes are chosen based on the following criteria:Achieve and maintain a B or higher academic standing; maintain a membership in good standing at a local church; demonstrate outstanding character, leadership, dependability, and service in school and/or the community.Trained mentors are assigned to work with the Debutantes and are required to present before them an exemplary lifestyle. Sessions in faith, etiquette, chastity, finances, and human relationships are addressed during the Debutante’s seven months of training. The end of their training culminates with a Royal Cotillion.

Visit website at www.distinctivelydebs.com
Download(s): Debutante Brochure


Debutante Alumnae Program

The Debutante Alumnae Program is an extension of the Core Debutante Program and was designed to provide a continuum of personal relationship and learning for the Debutantes that have and will graduate from the Debutante Program.

In addition to focusing on higher order thinking and life skills, the program provides focus in the area of self-awareness and personal productivity. The pursuit of success and higher education institutions is also a key area of focus. Curriculum spans activities that prepare the Debutante for college; teach them how to survive the transition from college to the world of work; and examines the many decisions that surround the pursuit of graduate level education. Alumnae Debutantes are also trained as “big sisters” and peer mentors to the Core Debutantes.


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God’s Leading Ladies Life Enrichment Program (G.L.L.)


A widely celebrated program, GLL offers a challenging 3-month curriculum. This program of enriched study and life application, encourages women to stretch beyond their borders and move into their purpose and the spiritual fulfillment of who they were created to be.
Derived from the bestselling book of the same name, by Bishop T. D. Jakes, the program was started in 2003 by Mrs. Serita Jakes. Since its inception, GLL has grown from one chapter at The Potter’s House of Dallas, to several chapters nationwide and around globe; and has continued to expand through the GLL Online eLearning Course. To date, thousands of women have successfully completed GLL. Weekend writers and fledging entrepreneurs have become published authors and business owners, while others have found their balance in career demands and relational needs. Many have been empowered to reclaim their good name and establish their financial credibility.

With the collaboration of inspirational and visionary teachers, mentors, and life coaches, God’s Leading Ladies enter into an unparalleled dimension. The program consists of 52 hours of classroom instruction, and 20 hours of community service. Practicums and out-of-class assignments round out a rich classroom learning experience. The students explore such topics such as:

    •   Through the Eyes of A Visionary (Purpose & Planning)
    •   Being In Relationship with Life (Personal & Professional)
    •   A Balance of Power (Body, Soul, & Spirit)
    •   A Lifestyle of Leadership (Going First & Staying the Course)
    •   A Credible Lifestyle (Financial Accountability)
    •   A Healthy Life (Physical Fitness & Healthy Life)
    •   The Fine Art of Presentation (Projection, Influence, & Impact)
    •   The Final Touch (Words of Wisdom & Love)

Visit website at www.godsleadingladies.com


Starting Over Ministry

In 2014, the Starting Over Program was created as an extension of the Girl Talk Quarterly Forum. Formerly known as Rahab International, which has served families who are victims of domestic violence for more than two decades, Starting Over has expanded its reach to encompass the needs of individuals who are transitioning through some of life’s greatest challenges. Whether recovering from divorce, surviving the loss of a loved one, or relocating to a new geographical area, Starting Over will equip, and encourage women to overcome life’s obstacles, and will move them into the personal, and spiritual lifestyle that is their predestined heritage. Derived from the book, Colliding with Destiny, by Sarah Jakes Roberts, women will discover the most painful time in their lives can become the most pivotal, and propel them to a destiny never imagined.

The Starting Over Program is an 8-week course which offers a curriculum with hands-on practical applications. Topics include:

 Helpful Tips for Adjusting to Your New Location (Community Resources & Support Groups)

 Resume Workshop & Interview Skills

  •   Credit Counseling / Budgeting & Savings
  •   Starting Your Own Business
  •   Divorce Recovery
  •   Grief Recovery
  •   Caring for Your Aging Parents
  •   Empty NestersStudents download the curriculum, reading assignments and homework from the student site each week. The class culminates with a graduation and reception. Certificates of completion are given to each student upon completion of the course.

Our Vision
To touch the lives of hurting women by Restoring confidence, Renewing strength and Reclaiming joy through the Word of God. This Rebirth will be accomplished by practical teaching of empowerment essential to the total woman. We are breaking the illusion of failure and illuminating God’s true promise.

You Are Not Alone…

For Assistance Please Call…
Immediate Help                                       Dial 911
National/Domestic Violence Hotline         1-800-799-SAFE or 1-800-799-72331-800-787-3224(TTY)

Emergency Numbers
Facility Contact Numbers
Brighter Tomorrows Women’s Shelter 972-262-8383 (Hotline)
Crossroads Transitional Housing Shelter 972-254-4003
Family Place Shelter 214-941-1991 (Hotline)
Genesis Women’s Shelter 214-942-2998 (Hotline)
Hope’s Door Women’s Shelter 972-422-7233 (Hotline)
New Beginnings Women’s Shelter 972-276-0057 (Hotline)
Nexsus Substance Abuse Recovery Center 214-321-0156
Reconciliation Outreach (Refuge Shelter) 214-821-9192
Salvation Army Shelter (Arlington) 817-274-8887


Non-Emergency Numbers

 Dallas Bar Association (Referral to find an Attorney)  214-220-7444
 Dallas District Attorney (Protective Orders)  214-653-3528


Helpful Links

Men Against Domestic Violence
Domestic Violence Page
National Domestic Violence
National Teen Dating Abuse Helpline
National Child Abuse Hotline (ChildHelp)
Child Welfare Information Gateway
Commission on Domestic Violence
Health Gazette

Starting Over International Ministries Leadership:

Spiritual Overseer:
First Lady Serita Jakes

Executive Director:
Lady Donna Chatman

Assistant Director:
Minister Franklin Camp
Shanika Davis

Starting Over International Ministries:
(214) 333-6315
FAX (214) 333-6429

Contact the WoMan to Woman office for more information (214) 333-6315 dbradford@tdjakes.org


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