Dear Pastors:

The availability of this covenant is evidence that God has made provision for an alliance of leaders determined to settle for nothing less than excellence in ministry.

Together, molded and reshaped, we will extract from one another’s deposits and face the work of this approaching, ominous hour of church history with oneness and determination.

I am thrilled to sit in this seat and watch the glorious Gospel of Jesus be unveiled in unprecedented revelation because we have opted to lay aside all of our differences, recognizing in humility our need for one another and embracing in surrender our sameness.

I welcome you with an excitement from deep within me that cries out to you individually and corporately that truly, “The best is yet to come!”

Our Purpose
The Potter’s House International Pastoral Alliance (PHIPA) is a multicultural fellowship of economically diverse Christian pastors who recognize the need for spiritual covering.
Our goal is to build covenant relationships that will establish sound spiritual leadership. Our aim is to become a birthing ground that cultivates potential and fulfills destiny.

PHIPA parents the anointed through God-centered direction, thereby strengthening pastors through impartation and “iron-sharpening-iron” dynamics.

PHIPA promotes interdependency while encouraging the maintenance of distinct, independent identities. The forum provides networking and relationship-building opportunities with pastors of diverse backgrounds who have a wealth of experience.

As in all things, the alliance is committed to conducting all forms of communication, above reproach, with the highest integrity toward another.

To become a member of PHIPA, you must be the senior pastor of a church that is recognized by your local municipality as a church. The church should have members that extend beyond the pastor’s immediate family. The pastor must submit a completed ministerial profile by entering and attaching the information requested below. In addition, please submit the tithe and/or offering from the senior pastor’s monthly income or Completed Ministerial Profile and first tithe/offering should be mailed to PHIPA.


The Potter’s House of Dallas
3635 Dan Morton Drive
Dallas, TX 75236
Fax: 214.333.6448

William Blue IV, PHIPA Director
Office: 214.337.8175

DeLores L. Braxton, PHIPA Coordinator
Office: 214.333.6459
Fax: 214.333.6448

Donations, Tithes, or Offering