Potter’s House Music and Fine Arts Department

The Potter’s House Music and Fine Arts department is a comprehensive organization that meets the performing arts needs for a diverse body of the members that attend The Potter’s House Church main campus in Dallas, TX and its satellites in North Dallas and Fort Worth. Performing Arts includes music, drama, and dance delivered through live performances, which is often transferred to other forms of media (audio and video). We are passionate about Christian worship through the arts and embrace the values that it contributes to our church and society: therefore, we are creative, energetic, entrepreneurial, innovative, and proactive, consistently seeking out new ways to realize the church’s mission, vision, core principals and goals at-large.

Music Ministries:

Open Call for All Singers, Dancers, and Actors: 

There will be an open call every first Saturday of each month at The Potter’s House of Dallas @ 10AM for all singers, dancers and actors.

Singers: Please come prepared to sing a song of your choice a cappella

Dancers: If you have an audition piece you can perform it, but it is not mandatory/necessary.

Actors: If you have something prepared to read/act that is fine, but it is not mandatory/necessary.

For more information please email April Nevels at anevels@tdjakes.org

Potters House Choir 

The Potters House Choir (by audition only) is the Grammy award winning recording choir for the Potter’s House Church.  Their repertoire includes: contemporary Gospel, urban Gospel, Anthems and Spirituals. They rehearse every 1st and 3rd Saturday, 11am-1pm.

The Bishop’s Choir 

The Bishop’s Choir is an open-seat choir and requires no audition. Named after our very own “Bishop T.D. Jakes, the Bishop’s Choir sings more traditional styles of music.  Their repertoire includes: traditional Gospel, hymns, Anthems and Spirituals. They rehearse every 2nd and 4th Saturday, 11am-1pm

The Potters House Chorale 

The Potters House Chorale is an auditioned choir. The Potter’s House Chorale is an ensemble of disciplined singers that sing a diverse repertoire of choral styles of music.  Their repertoire includes: Anthems, Spirituals, Hymns, Jazz-influenced sacred arrangements. They rehearse every 1st and 3rd Thursday, 7pm-9pm


Josiah is the name of the Praise and Worship singers. This group is an auditioned unit that serves as the main singers for the praise and worship components at the Potters House Church which include: Sunday service, WNBS, Girl Talk, Man Power. etc.


Creative Ministries

Potters House Dance Ministry 

There are (3) components to this ministry: Pageantry dancers; Technical Dancers; Professional dance team. They rehearse each Monday and Thursday, 7-9pm

TPH Dance Ministry (Ages 18 and up) – Rehearsals times: Monday & Thursday 6:30-9pm in the main sanctuary.

Brick Dance Ministry (Young Adults ages 18-30) Rehearsal times: Thursday nights 6:30-9pm in the main sanctuary.

Fire House Dance Ministry “Envision” (Ages 14-18)  Rehearsal times:  Tuesday & Thursday night 6:30-9pm and 1st & 3rd Saturday 10 am – 12 noon.

Destiny World Dance Ministry (Ages 5 to 13) Rehearsal times:  Wednesday night 7-8:30pm & 1st Sunday during service

TPH Adult Mime Ministry (Ages 18 and up)  Rehearsal times:  Tuesday  6:30-9pm in the main lobby.

Brick Young Adult Mime Ministry  (Ages 18-30) Rehearsal times:  Thursday 6:30-9pm in the main sanctuary.


Drama Ministry 

Our Drama ministry has (3) components: Script and Blog Writers; Actors; Behind the scene artist, ie makeup, styling, costuming.